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soil care
reduced chemical inputs

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World class wines come from a combination of terroir, farming and winemaking. Great sites can always produce quality wines, but to maximize the potential, all aspects from farming to winemaking need to come into harmony. The Nord Family has been involved in the Napa Valley vineyard industry since the 1960's. Will Nord, founder of Nord Vineyard Services, has passed his knowledge and experience down to his family who now farm nearly 1,000 Napa Valley acres and sell grapes to over 60 ultra-premium wineries. Managing vineyards to produce to their fullest potential is NVS’s specialty.

We provide you with expertise and experience in:

Real Estate Consulting (Property Evaluation/Locating/Marketing)
Full-Service Vineyard Management
Soil Analysis and Mapping
Management Consulting/Oversight
Variety and Rootstock Recommendations
Expert Witness on Vineyard Suitability and Property Evaluation
Grape Sales
Fertility Recommendations

Our Social/Ecological Sustainability
Sustainable agriculture is a farming philosophy in which long-term goals such as soil health, biological diversity, and social responsibility are balanced with shorter-term goals of production and quality. Nord has always been a leader in vineyard sustainability. (To put it simply, Nord was “green” before being green was cool.) A healthy vineyard and ecosystem in and around the vines means better quality fruit, the best showcase of a fruit’s terroir, and the ability to protect the vineyard for the future. The Nord family also believes strongly in social and economic sustainability. Decisions are made based on economically viable (improving grape quality rather than simply “looking prettier”) factors. Nord continues to be a leader in topics such as worker education and safety, fair wages, and health insurance. And the family strives to be a good neighbor, regularly participating in community events and programs.

Soil Care
Soil is a dynamic, living system that when properly maintained supports healthy vine growth by fighting soil-borne insects and pathogens and allowing vigorous root exploration for water and nutrients. The fuel for this biological system is organic matter, provided by cover cropping, compost and manure applications, and crop residue. Even large organic matter inputs, however, are “burnt up” during repetitive cultivation, and NVS employs no-till floor management whenever possible. Cover cropping is an important part of the NVS vineyard management strategy, and 100% of their acreage is cover cropped, including plantings of California native perennial grasses.

Reduced Chemical Inputs
Natural ecosystems rarely suffer pest outbreaks because pests and their natural enemies co-exist in balanced populations. Many agricultural practices disrupt this balance, yet opportunities exist to identify and promote natural processes. For example, NVS vineyard edges are frequently planted with native trees and shrubs that reduce pest pressure, while flowers are planted between vine rows to attract predatory insects and mites. All pesticide applications are preceded by thorough monitoring of pest and natural enemy populations, careful selection of the least disruptive material, and meticulous planning of application timing and technique.